• Optically Isolated RS422/485 Repeaters
2 and 3-way isolated optical repeater converts, protects & extends data signals
Optical isolation protects your devices from transient surges and ground loops on your data line.
The optical repeaters/isolators add 4,000 feet (1.2 km) and another 32 nodes to an RS-485 data circuit. By configuring one side as RS-422 and the other as RS-485, the models can act as a converter to allow your four wire RS-422 equipment to talk to a 2-wire RS-485 device.
Part Number
485OP RS-485 Optical Isolator
485OPDRI RS-485/422 Industrial Isolated Repeater, DIN Rail (cUL,UL Class 1 DIV 2 Listed)
485OPDRI-PH RS-485/422 Triple (Heavy Duty) Isolated Repeater, DIN Rail
485OPDR-HS RS-485/422 Isolated Repeater, DIN Rail, High Speed

Optically Isolated RS422/485 Repeaters

  • Brand: B+B SmartWorx
  • Product Number: Optically Isolated RS422/485 Repeaters
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