• Dot Matrix Printers T2380


•The ultimate in heavy duty, low cost, 

  multi-form printing

• Blazing print speeds up to 1000 CPS

• Up to 9 part forms – (Original + 8) – model


• Standard Parallel and Ethernet Options

• Able to print up to 50,000 pages per month

• 24-wire heavy duty print head with life rating

  up to 750 million characters (T2380)

The 2365 MC and 2380 printers are rugged and powerful high speed matrix printers for heavy duty operation under the most extreme conditions. Reliable, heavy workload output is guaranteed for many years following printer purchase. The print is crisp, sharp, dark and absolutely legible, thanks to the 24 pin print head.

Low running costs and durability in the harshest of print environments make these products excellent value for money. 

Fully automated operation, coupled with the 'straight through' paper path, allows ease of use and virtually eliminates errors caused by user intervention. 

These products are well matched to Microsoft Windows applications, and highly compatible with other host operation environments including legacy systems.

Part Number
T2380 1000 cps Serial Impact Printer with Bi-directional Parallel plus Ehternet 10/100BaseT
T2380 2T 1000 cps Serial Impact Printer with Bi-directional Parallel plus Ethernet 10/100BaseT with additional rear tractor

Dot Matrix Printers T2380

  • Brand: Dascom
  • Product Number: T2380
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