• SmartSwarm 351 Modbus Integration Gateway
Modbus Integration Gateway
Translate SCADA protocols to IT in real-time without disrupting, interrupting or reconfiguring your existing networks The B B SmartWorx Smart Swarm 351 is ultimately a bolt-on, non-invasive physical device that provides an easy and cost effective way to release and translate your SCADA data, in real-time, to a wider enterprise IT environment. And compared to similar devices and solutions out there, it does so without impacting your programming, processes or people.
  • Transparently connects to existing serial Modbus RTU networks;
  • Provides parallel data feed into Enterprise IIoT systems while the existing Modbus network continues to operate;
  • User configurable data enrichment and event triggers;
  • Extensive configuration options for interpretation of Modbus data;
  • Cellular or Ethernet connection to IIoT system;
  • lso acts as LAN to WAN bridge for 3rd party device connections.

Part Number
SG30000320-51 SmartSwarm 351 IIoT Modbus to MQTT Gateway (Modbus, 2xEth, 232, 485, no accy)
SG30500320-51NA SmartSwarm 351 IIoT Modbus to MQTT Gateway (LTE-NATAM, 2xETH, 232, 485, no accy)

SmartSwarm 351 Modbus Integration Gateway

  • Brand: B+B SmartWorx
  • Product Number: SG30000320-51
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