• Interceptor 800

Full-size printing, pint-size package. No ink. No toner. No mess.

The Interceptor 800 Series printers are low-profile, highly reliable full-page printers for mobile applications like e-citations, crash reports, invoices, pick lists, rip and runs, reports, and more. The Interceptor 800 printers provide drop-in paper loading in a fully self-contained unit for ease of use. The printers come standard with USB interfaces, and optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology interfaces are available. This rugged printer is packed with advanced features to help your mobile workforce become more productive.

Interceptor 800 Series printers can be a drop-in replacement for any existing full-page mobile printing application. Numerous mounting options provide for an easy install. Additional features of the Interceptor 800 Series include:

    •Fast, full-page mobile printing – up to 2 ips (11 pages per minute)

    •8.5” wide or A4 width paper options, 100-page roll capacity

    •High print quality – prints crisp text and images

    •USB plug-n-play to Windows computer, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi optional

    •Drivers for Windows, Android, and Linux computing hosts

    •Vehicle power input 12 to 24 volt DC, or optional battery

    •Auto ON/OFF with vehicle power

   • Small, compact, and mobile for printing anywhere – carry with or easily mount.

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I800 USB Interceptor 800 Portable Printer with standard USB I800 Bluetooth

Interceptor 800

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