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Model 232BSS4, our most versatile and intelligent smart serial data switch. A single RS-232 port on your PC can now communicate seamlessly with four or more RS-232 devices.
Once configured, simply run your existing application software to converse with each device as if it was directly wired to your PC.
When used with B&B Electronics RS-485 or fiber optic converters, the Model 232BSS4 smart serial data switch may be connected to PCs or serial devices miles away. Requires 12 VDC power. Model 232PS is recommended.
• Free set-up software included for XP, 2000
• User friendly graphic interface
• Configure each port individually from your PC
• 8 KB buffer on each port ensures no lost data
• Connectors: master DB25 female, slaves DB9 male
• Mix and match baud rates
Model 232MSS2 is a compact four port mini RS-232 switch box. Its master port may be configured as either a DTE or DCE port. If the master port is DTE, the four other ports automatically become DCE ports. This model offers enhanced features that automatically control transmit/ receive functions, stop inadvertent switching from binary/graphic file transfers and inactive slave devices from holding control of the master port.
• 4 RS-232 DB9 female slave ports
• Automatic transmit and receive control
• Supports 1200 to 115.2 kbps
• Requires 12 VDC power supply, Model 232PS recommended
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232BSS4 Serial RS-232 Buffered Smart Switch
232MSS2 Serial Mini Smart Switch

Serial Data Switches

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