• UNO Embedded Automation Computers by Advantech

UNO Series of Embedded Automation Computers by Advantech

To meet the needs from the Industry 4.0 era, Advantech offers a complete range of embedded automation box PC capable of edge computing, bridging the gap between IT and OT.  The UNO series serve as flexible IoT gateway with each series coming in three sizes:  palm, small and regular.  With a robust design, they include multiple expansion solutions and versatile mounting way to fulfill the needs of different applications.  The UNO-1000/3000 series is ideal for din-rail, enclosure and book mounting in control cabinet.  The UNO-2000 series is a versatile model for stand mount environments.  In addition, all the new UNO products support the Advantech iDoor Technology that gives customers the flexibility to configure the various I/O requirements based on different applications and industrial fieldbus.  This includes wireless communication, industrial I/O and peripheral

Product Categories
DIN-Rail Automation Controller, UNO-1000 Series
The DIN-rail and C1D2 approved automation computer is an IoT gateway platform that converts communication protocols, I/O control and data storage in various industrial fields.
Standmount Embedded Automation Controller, UNO-2000 Series
A fanless embedded computer that is a box PC served as an automation control and pc controller that has a wide range of CPU selection and multiple mounting method.
Wallmount Embedded Automation Box PC, UNO-3000 Series
The UNO-3000 series are wallmount PC's that support PCI or PCIe expansion.  With wide range computing power and PCI expansion capability, this series allows users to add any 3rd part I/O.
Rackmountable Automation Computers for Power Substations:   UNO-4000
The fanless, high computing power rackmount computers series , containing isolated serial communication and multiple Ethernet ports, provides users with more reliability for various applications.  This rackmount computer enhances the effectiveness of power transmissions and substation automation.
Advantech iDoor Module
iDoor utilizing mini PCIe format allows customers flexibility for I/O expansion.  The various I/O expansion modules include Fieldbus protocol, smart sensor, communication and memory.
UNO Embedded OS Support
Advantech Embedded Linux with onboard device driver system features RedHat Package Manager to manage your embedded OS, making UNO an application-ready platform.
UNO Accessories
UNO accessories are geared to fulfill various applications, such as different mounting kits and expansion kits.  Mounting kits include DIN-rail, wall mount and panel mounting.

Part Number
UNO-1000 Series DIN-rail Automation Controller
UNO-2000 Series Standmount Embedded Automation Controller
UNO-3000 Series Wallmount Embedded Automation Box PC
UNO-4000 Series Rackmountable Automation Computers for Power Substations
iDoor Module Flexible module for I/O expansion
UNO Embedded OS Support Makes UNO application ready
UNO Accessories

UNO Embedded Automation Computers by Advantech

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