• ADDERLink USB Extender


ADDERLink X-USB PRO is Adder’s next generation Video and USB extender. It can transmit 1920x1200 video as well as USB 2.0 and audio over 200 meters with a single CATx cable.



• Supports resolutions of 1900x1200 resolution over 200m / 650 ft

• USB 2.0 low/full speed transparent extension

• Only a single CATx cable to carry video and data together

• Supports read and store for extended profile EDID

• USB powered at Local

• Stereo CD quality audio

• Fine video compensation

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ADDERLink X-USB PRO Video and USB Extender

ADDERLink USB Extender

  • Brand: Adder
  • Product Number: ADDERLink USB Extender
  • Product Code: ADDERLink X-USB PRO
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