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Wireless plays a key role in the IoT era. Communications, along with emerging wireless technologies, enable new applications such as sensing and in-vehicle networking. Yet identifying the most cost-effective wireless solution for the right application can be challenging. With 30 years of experience and proven performance, Advantech wireless solutions are used in a wide variety of industries today and will continue to evolve and revolutionize the future of IoT.

Know Your Wireless

Advancements in IoT have seen the development of multiple wireless technologies that can be implemented in various hardware products. Advantech utilizes Wi-Fi, Cellular, and LPWAN (Low-Power wide-area network) technologies to fulfill vertical industry requirements.

Manual processes are less practical in today’s manufacturing facilities and physical networking deployment is time consuming and costly. Wireless technology advancements like high data rates, low power, long range, and fast roaming help manufacturing processes evolve into highly synchronized, smart, and efficient networking operations.

While climate change endangers our living environment, the benefits of advanced wireless technologies such as long distance transmission, low power yet high penetration rates, and wide signal coverage can help optimize energy efficiency and promote renewable energy sources, as well as monitor climate and geographic changes so we can quickly respond to protect our environment.

Emerging wireless technology features like high data rates, high bandwidth, low latency, and wide signal coverage have helped smart traffic management and in-vehicle solutions evolve to improve the efficiency of transportation infrastructures, safety, travel times, and comfort of passengers to meet the high expectations of intelligent transportation.

Advanced wireless management with WebAccess/DMP2

Remote provisioning, monitoring and management platform

WebAccess/DMP Generation 2 is an advanced enterprise-grade platform solution

for provisioning, monitoring, managing and configuring Advantech’s routers and IoT gateways.



  • Extensible architecture

  • AssureAuth™ PKI

  • Multi-tenancy

  • AssureSync™ configuration management

  • Edge intelligent app management

  • Secure device health monitoring

  • Built for Interoperability

  • Scale and performance grows with your business

  • Automatic device connection with platform

  • Superior security, better economics, and reduced overhead

  • Configure every possible item on every possible device

  • Deploy one or many pre-prepared edge intelligence apps

  • Built-in secure health-monitoring status indicators

  • Fully API enabled

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