• ADDERLink KVM Extender


ADDERLink XD150 is a high performance KVM extender that enables you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment away from the user work station whilst maintaining the original user desktop experience.



• Full single link DVI extender delivering resolutions in excess of Full HD 1080p

• Transparent USB 2.0 hi-speed link for keyboards, mice, tablets, touch screens, mass storage and other common USB devices

• Up to 150 meter extension distance for a

single 1920x1080 screen

• Only a single CATx cable to carry video and data together

• Supports read and store for extended profile EDID

• Intelligent built-in 4-port USB hub

• Locking power connectors

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ADDERLink XD150 High Performance KVM Extender

ADDERLink KVM Extender

  • Brand: Adder
  • Product Number: ADDERLink KVM Extender
  • Product Code: ADDERLink XD150
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